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Feng Shui Consultations                       Patti Newton  

        Live with Intention...,

Enhance your Interior and exterior surroundings,

Shift Energy...experience positive results!

Patti Newton is a High Honors Graduate of Carole Hyder's, 'Wind & Water' School of Feng Shui. Carole Hyder is an Expert International Consultant, Teacher and author. She is a direct student of the late Professor LIn Yun, founder of the Black Hat Sect of Bagua School Feng Shui. 
  Patti was certified by the State of Minnesota's Board of Higher Education as a Feng Shui practitioner in 2005. She is a professional member of the International Feng Shui Guild, and a member of the AHHA American Holistic Health Association as a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC).
 Patti is registered with the state of Vermont as a professional Feng Shui Consultant, Teacher, and Director and Instructor of                                            'The Silver Moon School of Feng Shui'  in Brattleboro, Vermont.

    The Feng Shui Certificate Program Levels 1, 2, 3, 4  includes a Student Referral list, and a Feng Shui Community Service Group  for the graduating students. 
 "My vision is to make Feng Shui available to people of all social and economic levels through education and the development of professional skills."

The Chinese Art of Placement
The Philosophy of Feng Shui is embraced by those who are aware of the impact their surroundings have on their sense of well-being, and who seek to improve their quality of life.

Feng Shui is the art of balancing and harmonizing the flow of natural energies in our surroundings 
to create beneficial effects in our lives in areas such as:
•Career/ sense of life purpose
•Partnership/ Relationships
•Wealth/Quality of Life
•Helpful People
•Fame & Reputation

Gain Insight... Feel Inspired... Clear Clutter...Invite Opportunity!

To request a brochure or for more information
(802) 254- 9600
29 High St. Brattleboro, Vermont

Silver Moon Adornments
Silver Moon School of Feng Shui

                  Awareness.... Balance.... Harmony.... Well-being
" For Your Life to be harmonious, healthy, and prosperous 
it is vital to have a good flow of Life Force Energy in your home and work space."

Feng Shui offers many simple yet powerful ways to improve this energy flow!

 The Bagua is a 'Mental' map that is laid over your measured floor plan of your home,
office or individual room, that allows us to locate the nine essential Life Areas within it. 

The map is positioned from the main entrance to the home, building or room or other space.

Feng Shui concepts may be applied to:
 residences, commercial spaces, schools, or apartments.

Exterior Feng Shui is based on: 
  • the Compass directions, 
  • land form 
  • and possible geopathic stress located through the use of dowsing rods.
"In my practice I combine....."

Five Element Feng Shui and:

Below is a list of options that may be addressed during your Feng Shui consultation: 
"This menu  will help me to understand some of your concerns"

Classes   Consultations   Presentations
For list of current classes 
and to resister go to:

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Learn To Practice Feng Shui Professionally
Feng Shui Certificate Program 
Levels  1,2,3,& 4
V.S.A.C GRANTS available for this program
Registered with the State of Vermont as a professional Educational Facility

Contact: PATTI NEWTON INSTRUCTOR for more information
(802) 254-9600

Silver Moon Adornments Retail Store
specializes in:

• Feng Shui Adjustment Tools
• Crystals
•Faceted crystal Spheres
•Elemental Adjustment Tools
•Incense and Space Clearing Tools

                                Rates for Consultations

30 min
-   Superimpose the Bagua correctly over Floor plan. Introduction to auspicious directions, discover your Ming Gua numbers and Birth Elements necessary adjustments for bed placement, Front Door considerations and architectural features. An excellent way to get started practicing Feng Shui!  $45

60 min - On site consultation, includes all of the above plus interpretation of your floor plan based on the 9 Life areas of the Chinese Bagua Map. Consideration your personal goals and intentions to create your optimum living or working situation.    $90

90 min
additional time allows for interior design  ideas regarding color, furniture placement for optimum flow of energy and 5 Element adjustments.  $153

3 hours
-  Delux in-depth consultation includes allows for all of the considerations  in the 90 min consultation plus strategies to address old patterns, create order, clear clutter, space clearing techniques and create deep personal intention and address life concerns. 
     All Feng Shui appointments regardless of length of time are unique to each individual and the consultation may be used to address any Feng Shui concerns including, renovations, the selling of a home, business concerns, new construction and Floor Plan analysis before you begin building!
There is additional drive time cost for on site- appointments further than 10 minutes from Downtown Brattleboro VT.
                                                                                        $5 per 5 min. increments.


Feng Shui means: 'Wind & Water"
the Essences of Life

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