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Holistic Psychotherapy


Patti Newton
is a Vermont rostered NLNC Psychotherapist. registered with the Vermont State office of professionalism.  Patti is a licensed professional Feng Shui Consultant and Teacher.
     Feng Shui Psychotherapy is the unique and original therapeutic program created by Patti
 Newton. It is her intention to develop the program into a 'Psychotherapeutic System' that will be made available to other persons who work in the mental and emotional health field; therapists, counselors, and Social Workers, as a creative tool for transformation that may be use with other traditional or holistic healing modalities.
     She plans to offer group training seminars and individual 'Tutorials' in the near future.

The Feng Shui Psychotherapy Program is designed to be followed at a pace that is comfortable for the individual client.
  Regular weekly sessions are not required.

cost of each Session: $60 per hour
recommended length of session:

60-90 minutes
                         (802) 254-9600

       A Holistic Approach to Achieve
      Emotional Wellbeing
  Feng Shui
   A 3 phase process
Evaluate - So that you can create a strong foundation to support the emotional healing process

Understand - So we may be considerate of old mechanics while creating new awareness and support for emotional healing to occur.

Release - By strengthening the Inner and Outer Landscape of the individual we can consciously learn to transform old negative patterns, behaviors and attitudes into a healthy sense of life purpose and accomplishment.

"Life is like a Wheel... it must be balanced to perform to it's fullest potential"

Professional Intentions:
•Determine and define goals and objectives through dialouge and 'Feng Shui Psychotherapy' workbook.
•Create strategies to acomplish personal goals
•Apply Chinese 5 Element theory and Feng Shui practice to the Inner and Outer Landscapes
•Refine awareness of emotional and mental obstacles created by challenging life experiences that may be inhibiting personal success or acomplishment
•Achieve balance and well-being in the client's attitudes and surroundings
•Superimpose the Feng Shui Bagua Map over client's floor plan to gain understanding of how they will participate in a physical, practical manner to make necessary changes in their home or work space to increase harmony, balance and simplicity

Result oriented Practice
Self limitation and inhibition created by circumstance is replaced with renewed inspiration, enthusiasm, and focused intention

Area of Specialization
When Appropriate create awareness and clarity of the
 and identify possible negative residue from chronic exposure to those influences and behaviors that may require healing

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