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Life Coaching and                             
Transition Life Coaching

HTML Get Clear About what you want and how you can reach your personal goals

Life Coaching is not therapy:             
                                             It's the opportunity to discover what is most important to you in your life

                                                including what part you want to change or modify

                    It's  the possibility of eliminating any obstacles or hurdles that may stand in your way.

      The Life Coach helps you to learn the skills and tools needed
                           to take control of your future
                                                                                       and pursue your goals and dreams.

                   The Life coaching process helps to create the structure
                  to explore your current and future options with the goal of improving one's quality of life.
                                             It provides a partnership without any agenda other than the clients.

Transition Life Coaching 
"What lies between the past of which we have already experienced and the future we have not yet created?"
Definition of Transition: Passage from one state, stage, or place to another


    Often, change comes unexpectedly,
 or sometimes, we may find it is necessary to create change,in order to live more successful, fulfilling lives. 

Examine your present situation and explore your current and future options
By objectively reviewing the quality of the Past and discussing the reality of the present, 
                      we have the opportunity to use the time of transition to evaluate where we have been and where we are going. 
During a transition period you may experience some of the fear, self-doubt and uncertainty that is often accompanied by it.

    The life coach can help you navigate through obstacles and rough times,
                           keeps you motivated, and allows you to discover your own answers 
                                             while designing the FUTURE that has not yet been created.

Transition Life Coaching can turn life challenges
 into opportunities for personal spiritual and emotional growth.

           Realizing what is necessary to leave in the past and creating actions steps
 to move into the future with a positive outlook and a plan, can develop a stronger more pro-active approach to life. 
             "As we move forward 
                                    we can begin to make decisions with clarity 
                                                   and the knowledge we can reach our goals and highest potential"

      A variety of Practical Tools are used in the Life Coaching Process

Circle of Personal Perspective:
Professional Goals
Financial Goals
Health and Wellness Goals
Spiritual Goals

Emotional Goals
Relationship Goals
Developing a Personal Glossary
Prioritizing During the Transition
Creating A Vision Statement
Client Self Discovery
Transforming Negative Messages
Developing a 'Road Map'


$60 per hour
Transition Life Coaching:
 90 min sessions recommended 
(802) 254-9600
29 High St. Brattleboro, Vermont 05301
Patti Newton CPC (Certified Professional Coach)   
Life Coach Training with 
The Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Life Coaching
Member A.H.H.A (American Holistic Health Association)

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