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Body Jewelry/Nose Jewelry


Silver Moon Adornments has an outstanding collection of high quality Body Jewelry ranging from 22 guage to 1". All of our jewelry is made from 316 surgical steel or 9.25 Sterling silver. We also carry titanium, and 14k gold plate over surgical steel.

We Have the Best selection and highest quality of Body in the area!

Our Collection includes Pyrex, Mother of Pearl, Wood, Bone, Horn, acrylic,
and a wide Variety of styles: Spirals, Tapers of all kinds for gauging, Plugs, Flesh Tunnels, Ornate, Simple, hundreds of Navel jewelry designs, Helix's, Captive hoops, Cartilage Jewelry, Labrets, Septum Jewelry and so much more at reasonable prices but only the best quality of materials!

Silver Moon Adornments has a wide assortment of Nose Jewelry including hoops, studs, L shaped, bones, and spirals. Literally the best and most extensive collection you can find in New England at fantastic prices for the best quality!
Because many of our loyal customers rely on us for their favorite Nose jewelry but may not live within easy driving distance We are now happy to offer the option of ordering your favorite styles in two easy steps.

1. Pick out your style from this page on our website
2. Call to place your order and use your debit or credit card over the phone.

 $1.00 shipping within the USA (US Postal)

To order: (802) 254-9600


These hoops range in size from 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" measured from inside edges. Ideal for Nose, ear lobes, second or third lobe piercings, cartilage, or tragus piercings.

9.25 Sterling Silver Hoops
18k gold over 9.25 Sterling silver

                           22g 9.25 sterling silver hoops shown on ruler for measurement accuracy

               The most popular hoop for noses, very thin and delicate in appearance

9.25 Sterling Silver 22g hoop with Tube Closure 

       1/4"      $3.00 each                  5/16"     $3.00 each               3/8"    $4.00  each  

                             22g 18k gold over 9.25 Sterling silver Tube Closure, very thin delicate and elegant
                                                                               for those who love the warm look of gold!

                            1/4" $4.00 each                      5/16"    $5.00 each                  3/8"  $6.00 each

Very easy to open and close!

9.25 Surgical Steel 18g hinged hoops 
 14 k gold plate over surgical steel hinged hoop

available in two sizes 

9.25 medical grade surgical steel            18g 5/16"        18g  3/8"        $8.00 each  

14k gold fused to medical grade surgical steel   18g 5/16          18g 3/8"      $9.00 each

18g 14k gold fused to medical grade surgical steel hinged hoop.
Easy to open and close
Continuous and smooth

18g 316 medical grade surgical steel hinged hoop

MORE STYLES will be posted soon!
(802) 254-9600
Silver Moon Adornments

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