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Tarot Readings


    Patti Newton has studied the Tarot since 1973 as a tool for personal insight, transformation, and a guide for making creative decisions. 
    "My 9 Life Area Readings are a combination of Bagua School Feng Shui Philosopies and Zen Tarot Teachings.
    Learning to make rational, educated decisions combined with practical application of intuition, is what leads to personal success and self-empowerment in the game of life"
    The human experience may present challenges on many levels that may lead to discouragement, confusion or depression. These feelings can inhibit or even shut down our creative process.
    Discovering life areas that may hold stagnant or negative energy may allow us to release and transmute it into an experience of forward movement and a more rewarding life experience.

 Tarot Readings
 Awareness... Insight...Inspiration
Patti Newton
                      (802) 254-9600                               
Readings available by phone or in person

Osho Zen Tarot
 9 Life Area Reading
Assess your personal strengths and Challenges
Make Clear Decisions regarding your life's journey
Career, Partnership,Family,Wealth,Health, Helpful People,Children/Creativity, Knowledge, Fame& Reputation         

 1 hour  $60          90 min - $90

Spiritual Counseling
A 3 Card Layout
The Blockage... The Healing... The Outcome
If there's a question or problem that needs attention this reading can give you the best way to proceed

30 min  $30        45 min $45

4 Pillar Chinese Astrology Charts
An ancient tool to help navigate your life experience
Become aware of and understand:
•Your 4 Chinese Animals Year, Month, Day and Hour
• Initial parental influences at birth
•Year of Individualization
• Year to year analysis
• 10 year cycles
$75     1 hour 15 min        $90  - 90 min
longer sessions also available

12 Month Medicine Wheel Tarot Reading
available by e-mail, mail or in person
Insights to the Year Ahead
Worksheet for Future Reference Purposes
Start Anytime
Understand what Gifts or Challenges the 12 months ahead offer You
Gain Insights and be prepared for the energy of:
• Individual Months
• Seasons - Spring, Winter, Summer, Fall
• times of Challenge
• accelerated Energy
90 min - $90
longer sessions also available
(802) 254-9600

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