Super Spiral Tapers are a great Tool for expanding your gauge size

Body Jewelry

We Have the Best selection and highest quality metals of Body Jewelry in the area!


Our Collection includes Pyrex, Mother of Pearl, Wood, Bone, Horn, acrylic,and a wide Variety of styles: Spirals, Tapers of all kinds for gauging, Plugs, Flesh Tunnels, Ornate, Simple,  decorative and practical Navel jewelry designs, Helix's, Captive hoops, Cartilage Jewelry, Labrets,  Fantastic collection of Septum Jewelry and so much more at reasonable prices but only the best quality of materials!

Unsure of what you need or what size to wear?

With over 30 years of Piercing background and experience I'll be happy to assist you in buying what's right for you!

Dedicated to Quality

 Our Committment to Quality

Silver Moon Adornments has an outstanding collection of high quality Body Jewelry ranging from 22 guage to 1". All of our jewelry is made from 316 surgical steel, stainless steel or 9.25 Sterling silver. We also carry titanium, and 14k gold IP over surgical steel. We never sell mixed or secondary metals that contain brass!

Surgical Steel &Titanium Hoops

316 surgical steel hoops, Titanium or Titanium Ion Plated hoops are non -irritating for sensitive skin

Our extensive collection of small hoops begin at 20 gauge  through 14 gauge

Segment Rings, Hinged, Captive Bead, Fixed Bead, Decorative multi gem, or single gem styles

1/4 inch, 5/16" and 3/8", 7/16" and 1/2"

Navel Jewelry

Our Navel Jewelry is always made of the best quality metals never mixed with brass

14 gauge 3.16 Surgical steel 

Dangles, Reverse, 14K gold IP over Surgical Steel, Gemstone, 

Unique and one of a kind

Basic and Statement Designs

9.25 Sterling Silver, Gold & Rose Gold Vermeil Hoops

9.25 Sterling Silver and gold plated over sterling silver are the thinnest gauge hoops available. Easy to open and close! Great for nose and ear piercing.

One of the Most popular Hoops for Nose or Ears! 22 gauge with twist opening

1/4 inch, 5/16" and 3/8"

Spirals & Tapers

Spirals made from Pyrex, wood, and acrylic for your large gauge ear piercings.

14 guage to 1/2 inch

Pyrex, Acrylic, Wood, Horn,

316 Surgical Steel,

Titanium IP Spirals, Crescents, Straight tapers, and more!

To Gauge your ears or wear as Jewelry!

Plugs & Tunnels

Plugs and Flesh Tunnels

Fantastic selection of Plugs & Tunnels

14 Gauge - 1"

larger sizes by special order

Hinged Hoops

Hinged Hoops are easy to take on and off.  The hoop can move freely in your piercing no captive bead or space from a split ring

We  Specialize in Nose Jewelry of every style and design.  'L' shaped, Straight, Fishtail, Nose Bones, Spirals, cup set, Bevel set, Prong

Crystal gems, Semi Precious stones, 

Nose Huggers, Plian balls, 

Fancy Statement, Tiny 1mm

18 gauge side gem designs - gorgeous!

9.25 Sterling silver & 316 surgical steel

We never buy 'mixed or low grade metals!

We custom 'bend to fit' - no extra charge!

Surgical Steel Basics

Full range of Basic 316 surgical steel styles

Organic Horn, Bone

Exotic Gauged Ear jewelry made from natural materials, Bone, horn, and Mother of Pearl


Unique selection of hard wood Body jewelry

Septum Jewelry

Fabulous collection of 16 gauge septum jewelry

Decorative Earrings for Tunnels

Do you miss wearing long decorative earrings since you've gauged your ears? Slide these through your Flesh Tunnels and get fancy!


Large gauge Pyrex Super Spirals

Acrylic Spirals

Large gauge acrylic Super Spirals to increase your gauge size or worn when you've reached your size destination!


Green Aventurine, Opalite, Sodalite, and Tigers Eye gemstone pyramid Single Flare Plugs

Big Gauge Spirals

Large Gauge Pyrex Luster Spirals

Fancy 18 gauge hoops

Gorgeous 18 gauge jewelry especially fancy for nose piercings!

Non - Pierce Septum

Aren't sure you want to commit to a septum piercing?  A clip on style it might help you to decide!

Nose Jewelry All styles

All styles of Nose Jewelry available;Straight studs, bent, Nose Bones, Fish tails Circular nail head, Spirals, hoops and Nose Huggers. in 9.25 sterling silver, 316 surgical steel, IP Gold and Rose Gold

0 gauge

Beautiful range of Body jewelry styles and sizes

Silicone Flesh Tunnels

Soft, Flexible Silicone Flesh Tunnels

00 gauge

Plugs with attached dangles

2 gauge

Basic 3.16 Surgical steel Screw back plugs and crescent tapers. Single Flare and Double Flare

2 gauge

Plugs and Flesh Tunnels made from natural materials, Pyrex and Titanium Ion Plated over 3.16 surgical steel

1/2 inch

Semi precious gemstone plugs