Silver moon school of feng shui

Are you ready to embark on a profound, inspiring journey?

Develop New skills?

Meet others who share you interest in Feng Shui?

Help Increase the positive vibration of yourself your Home and your planet?

Develop a career that is meaningful and personally rewarding?​​

This is a special education opportunity to be certified as a Feng Shui Consultant!


This program will teach you the basic Skills to improve your own life situation as well as to work with clients as a Feng Shui practitioner. Feng Shui may be used in combination with other Holistic Health practices to gain a greater degree of positive outlook and vitality. 

Often the condition of the home or work environment is overlooked when optimum well-being is the goal!

Program Description: 

A Beginning level program that will prepare the students to practice Feng Shui professionally or to combine the information with their chosen field or profession, enhancing the benefits of holistic well-being they may already provide to their clients with other modalities.

Successful completion of course material final exam and final project,will allow the student to receive certificate of achievement for each Individual Level.

Cost: Level 1 -    $650.  plus: $70 Course binder & Materials fee


                                                 Total for Level 1.... $720                                                                                                                                                     


                       payment plan available prior to  class semester       

     Silver Moon School of Feng Shui is registered with the State of Vermont 

                                            as a  Professional Educational facility                              

 Develop a rewarding career!


The starfish man

Once upon a time, there was an old man who used to go to the ocean to do his writing.He had a habit of walking on the beach every morning before he began his work. Early one morning, he was walking along the shore after a big storm had passed and found the vast beach littered with starfish as far as the eye could see, stretching in both directions. 

Off in the distance, the old man noticed a small boy approaching.  As the boy walked, he paused every so often and as he grew closer, the man could see that he was occasionally bending down to pick up an object and throw it into the sea.  The boy came closer still and the man called out, “Good morning!  May I ask what it is that you are doing?”

The young boy paused, looked up, and replied “Throwing starfish into the ocean. The tide has washed them up onto the beach and they can’t return to the sea by themselves,” the youth replied. “When the sun gets high, they will die, unless I throw them back into the water.”

The old man replied, “But there must be tens of thousands of starfish on this beach. I’m afraid you won’t really be able to make much of a difference.”

The boy bent down, picked up yet another starfish and threw it as far as he could into the ocean. Then he turned, smiled and said, “It made a difference to that one!”

adapted from The Star Thrower, by Loren Eiseley (1907 – 1977)

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Make a difference in someone's Life - 

​ by becoming a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner 


Levels 1, 2, & 3

How to Register: It’s never too early to register!

Level 1

​6 core classes, 2 electives  total: 

Core Classes meet every two weeks 

 Saturday Mornings 10:00 - 12:30

Elective/ Special topic classes are offered various Thursday. eve. 6-8 pm 

and Sat morning 10:00 - 12:00

Additional Individual support by instructor outside class time 

Homework,practice floor plans, final exam and final project  


​Fall Classes Begin Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020

Registering Students must submit a letter of intention before classes begin, defining how you may intend to apply 

the information to your life,education or profession and why you’re interested in attending this program.

The letter must be placed in a NEW Red Envelope and submitted to:

  Patti Newton at Silver Moon School of Feng Shui or mailed to:       

                                                       P.O.Box 1125 ​Brattleboro Vermont, 05302


Cost: $650 plus $70 workbook fee..........................Total $720 

ELECTIVES:  Two elective classes are included in cost of program        

​NOTE:  Students may sign up for additional ELECTIVE classes at $45 per class 

Level 2  

A one day intensive -    Date: The second Sunday in February 2021

Level 2 will cover more advanced material within the 6 core class material of 

Level 1

(Students must have successfully completed the requirements of Level 1 before taking Level 2) 

Cost: Level 2 - $270    plus $20 workbook $290  

Course Content:


Further Discussion and the Importance of Red Envelopes


​ Expanding on the 5 Elements – A deeper Understanding


The 5 distinct movements/qualities that make up the five elements.



 Floor Plans and Ming Gua Considerations for the More than One Occupant 


Create Balance and Harmony for more than one occupant  of the bedroom  


Considering compass directions of front door, bed position &architectural features. 


Laying the Bagua Correctly over Second Floors, Attics & Basements  


Door Adjustments 


​ Homework: Practice Floor Plans Final Exam, Final Project, 

In our level 1 studies we concentrated on working on the Feng Shui of an individual who lives alone (or with young children) 

Level 2 will focus on couples, two persons who live together and families.                                                                                            

​ Level 3        

 Part 1 & 2       Two - 4 week classes    

​Cost: - Part 1 - 4 weeks $180                                      

​ Part 2 -  4 weeks $180 .........Total: $360                                                                                                

 Part 1 - 'Exterior Feng Shui Considerations'  


 Saturday mornings March 2021        

Originally, Feng Shui was developed to consider geographic land considerations regarding the placement of dwellings and burial sites for the ancestors. Careful decision making would bring abundance and prosperity to the current occupants and for future generations.

Close attention was paid to the surrounding land formations, water sources,sunlight, and wind patterns. The overall presence of the five elements and the balance of them were essential to achieve harmony and well-being. In addition to the presence of the 5 Elements water, wood, fire, earth, and metal, are the essential 9 life areas of the Feng Shui Bagua that represent our work, life purpose, health,  relationships, quality of life, support and motivation. 

Outside our dwellings there lies a vast and expansive universe from which we may connect to the Heavenly Chi that is all 

around us, represented by the 8 compass directions. No matter how small or how large, you can bring Feng Shui inspiration to your yard or garden! 

Add to existing gardens and landscapes or plan new ones. Learn how to combine your creative spirit with the natural world around you and delight in the possibilities!  

PART 2: 'Feng Shui as an Interior design Tool' 

4 week class $180

Saturday mornings   April   2021    10 - 12:30                

Would you like to create environments that not only utilize color, material and style, but are uniquely and personally designed for the 

individuals that occupy them?

A home or an office can be attractive to the eye but deplete energy or diminish a sense of well-being and vitality. Come and learn how Feng Shui principles may be applied to help you choose floor coverings, curtains, furniture, lighting, wall color and even home décor.

Call or e-mail (802) 254-9600 or

Feng Shui Certificate Program Level 1 Next session -Fall 2020. 

The certificate program is offered every other year


Class descriptions

6 CORE CLASSES:     Saturdays    All Classes meet 10:00 - 12:30 am     

  Dates to be announced Fall 2020

1. Feng Shui mechanics: 


2. Traveling the Magic Square 

3. Interior/Exterior Feng Shui Evaluation 


4. Taoist principles


5. The Study of Chi 


​6. Feng Shui Rituals and Meditations

Core Classes: Descriptions​

1. Feng Shui Mechanics - 

Learn how to correctly superimpose the Bagua map over a variety of architectural designs; this is essential information for the practice of Bagua School Feng Shui. The orientation of the Bagua ‘Mental Map’ will allow you to recognize the 9 essential life areas, missing pieces, & extensions in your home. Practice floor plans will be provided!   

2. Traveling the Magic Square - 

By ‘Traveling’ through the Magic Square of the Feng Shui Bagua Map you will understand the deeper associations of each of the essential life areas, and how the proper sequence creates the nine star path, a philosophical journey that will expand your mind and the unlimited potential of your personal life goals in Career, Partnership, Family, Wealth, Health, Helpful People, Children & Creativity, Knowledge and Fame and Reputation. 

3. Interior/Exterior Feng Shui Evaluation-

 Becoming aware of the most important Feng Shui considerations inside and outside the building will help to focus on adjustment recommendations. Learning to evaluate what is causing diminishing chi for the occupants before you enhance with Feng Shui ‘tools’;will create a strong foundation to achieve your goals and intentions.

4. Taoist Principles - 

Feng Shui practice utilizes Yin Yang theory, and the study of 5 Element balancing This is an introduction to a complex system that is the basis of Chinese medicine and Feng Shui practice that may be used as a philosophical approach to the spiritual practice and valuable view of life that underlies these ancient studies.

​5 .The Study of Chi - 

How and why Feng Shui works! It’s easier to practice the art of Feng Shui when you understand clearly the scientific and esoteric aspects of energy (also known as chi). One of the fundamental principles of Feng Shui is learning to increase or decrease the flow of energy into our lives and direct it with focused intention so we may see a specific result.

6. Feng Shui Rituals and Meditations - 

This class will be devoted to useful Feng Shui Rituals, these types of rituals have been used for thousands of years to achieve excellent Feng Shui results.

Elective Classes: descriptions​

1. Compatibility - 

Determine your compatibility to another person,your home or work space using the trigrams of the I Ching, the 12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac and the Ming Gua numbers of 5 Element Feng Shui! Bring the compass direction (the main entrance faces) of the buildings you are interested in determining compatibility with and birth dates of the persons you’re curious about. Very fun, profound and Informative!  

2. Focus on Health -

 In the center of the Feng Shui Bagua map is the Health area, it represents you…. health on every level: physically,emotionally, and mentally. The quality of your sense of well-being will affect all that encircles you…partnership, career, wealth, creativity, reputation, support systems, education,and family. What are you waiting for? Discover ways to improve health, lift your energy level, and understand emotional meanings behind health challenges. 

3. Feng Shui Tips for Business – 

A collection of Feng Shui tips to help ensure the prosperity of a business. Investigate how a business can benefit from ancient Feng Shui adjustments to meet expectations of goals and success  

4. Focus on Wealth – 

Money, abundance, a quality of Life you enjoy! Take the Feng Shui journey of discovering and perhaps re-defining what you really want in this area of life and how to recognize and remove blockages that may be inhibiting the flow of chi and prosperity!   


5. Dressing Feng Shui – 

Secrets of Harmony and Success in your Wardrobe! Would you like to combine colors and accessories with confidence for any occasion or when it really counts? Do you want to make the best impression for a date, job interview, or meeting with the boss? Would you like to know how to balance your own moods and emotions with what you choose to wear? Discover your key elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) based on your date of birth and how the change of seasons can greatly influence your choices.     

6. Space Clearing – 

Learn simple techniques to remove negative, dull, or stagnant energy from your home or work environments. Feel more enthusiastic, healthy and peaceful. Demonstrations of the Tibetan Singing Bell and discussions of the use of smudge, salt, incense, fragrance, and Flower Essences will form the necessary foundation of this ancient   wisdom of making your home or work space or garden sparkle with renewed energy.   

7. Lighten Your Life! Clear Clutter! – 

Unorganized belongings or an extreme amount of physical objects in your living or work space can inhibit or even prevent vital life force energy from entering your environments. Learn how to lighten your load and allow new energy into your life! This class is designed to help those who have a tendency to surround themselves with a sense of disorder, too many possessions, unwanted belongings,or just plain old MESS! Learn inspiring reasons to create order from your chaos by discovering which of the essential 9 life areas are blocked! Wealth? Partnership? Health? All of them? Identify your trouble areas and how your space reflects the quality of your life! Understand the difference between clutter and hoarding. How do we define ‘clutter’, how clutter affects you, why people keep clutter, and learning to let it go….                                                                   

8. Focus on the 5 Elements – 

Deepen your understanding of the relationships of the Five Elements, Water,Wood, Fire, Earth, & Metal.2 Hours of concentration and discussion on this vast and fascinating aspect of Feng Shui. Clarify confusions, ask questions and refine your skills. A Feng Shui balanced home is a five Element balanced home! 

9. Key Feng Shui Principles for Selling Real Estate -  

Learn the secrets of selling your home Feng Shui style! List it yourself or with a real estate agent...these techniques will allow you to prepare your home for a quick sale and appropriate price to the widest range of potential buyers!


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6 Core Classes

9 Electives

8 Special Topic Classes



Continuing Education


Are You Starting a New Business? Thinking of developing Business Idea?

Needing to Enhance an existing Business? If you have answered yes 

to any of the above questions 

this workshop may be just what you need 

​to make your business thrive!

This information may be applied to any type of business: 

Physical storefront,

office or commercial space             

 Traveling business ·      

 Online business                     

Home based                   

Private Practice


This workshop is a Unique approach to creating a Business Plan! Unlike other business classes this workshop combines your existing ideas with practical Feng Shui considerations. Feng Shui can be applied to your business plans by asking you deep questions that may get overlooked by more traditional methods!
 Many people start businesses and seek Feng Shui advice after they are already struggling.Or are successful but begin to ‘plateau’ without further growth or a feeling a higher potential. There are so many people who have wonderful ideas and never bring them fruition. or begin them only to see them ‘fail’ over a short period of time. It may be that there were some crucial considerations that are being overlooked or neglected. Feng Shui  is known to enhance, our prosperity, health, career goals, support, self image, partnerships, community involvement, skill development, creative ideas. By working with our personal homes and working environments, so why not apply the information to the development of our Business ideas so they may flourish too!
Benefits of Class: ​

1. Meet and work with others who have similar objectives

2.Outline your business goals and ideas to match your lifestyle, available time, and personal interests.

3. Define your Client base 

4. Get group feedback to help refine your goals and intentions

5. Creative group discussion to help give constructive feedback

6. Clarifying your questions  Identifying what your obstacles may be

7. Designing your Business card, brochure and choosing a logo

8. Discovering the best way to Market your services

9. Continued Education Options that match your personal interest development​

​10. Create a support network with your entrepreneur peers

Cost: $360 plus $30 workbook fee Total


1. ‘Earth Energies and Dowsing’ 
Grounding our energy by understanding how 
Geopathic Stress, Earth Grid-Lines and Vortex’s affect our health and disrupt our sleep. We will diagnose the energetic frequencies using dowsing Rods and Pendulums.

​2. ‘Bach Flower Essences’  
Unblock Creative Energy with the 38 Flower Essences
that were first developed by Dr. Bach in the 1920’s. Flower Essences gently balance our emotional Body and any imbalances of the ‘Human Condition’ for example: Fear, Anxiety,
Worry, or Lack of Confidence.By taking them in a dosage style tincture, or applying them to specific meridian points as developed by Deborah Craydon and Warren Bellows in
their book ‘Floral Acupuncture’, we begin to release energy that has become constricted so that we may use it more constructively.

3. ‘4 Pillars Chinese Astrology’ 
Understanding ourselves more deeply by analyzing our 
4 Pillars Chinese Astrology Charts, Introduction to The 10 Gods (Yin Yang aspects of the 5 Elements, Family member influence, 10 year cycles, Balance of the 5 Elements predisposition and how it affects our physical health and organs. Year to year analysis, and discovering our Self Element.
​Water Wood Fire Earth and Metal.

​4. ‘Kuan Yin – Goddess of Compassion and Patron Deity of Feng Shui’. ​
Her Mantra is ‘Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum’ which we use in Feng Shui ritual Adjustments and Blessings.
​Her story helps us to review our relationship to anger and forgiveness. Because of her commitment to help humans, no trouble is too big or too small to be brought to the motherly and all-powerful energy of Kuan Yin. We will learn to use the ‘Kuan Yin Oracle’ for guidance. 

​5. ‘The Language of the 5 Elements’ ​
The art of communication and relating to each other with awareness of the five Elements and their personalities. How do we learn to communicate more peacefully and avoid unnecessary verbal conflict with others? 

​6. ‘Clearing and balancing the Chakras with Gemstones'
 Opening the pathways of intuition. 

7. ‘Joss (Spirit) Paper Rituals & Burning of Red envelopes
Clearing the Mind, Developing Spirituality

​​8."The I Ching & Feng Shui Meditations’ 
 Opening pathways of inspiration  

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Classes are small and enrollment is limited so that each Student gains the fullest experience of working closely with the group and instructor.


About the Instructor

Patti Newton


 “In 1981 I enrolled as a undergraduate student of Tufts University and the dual program that was offered with the 'School of the Museum of Fine Arts' in Boston. Art education was my Major field of study and it was my intention during those 5 years in Boston to teach Secondary Level Visual Arts after I graduated from college.

 This rigorous academic program taught us in- depth curriculum development, and at the same time,  gave us practical classroom experience in a variety of schools in the Boston Area.

 In 1985, I moved to Williamstown, Massachusetts in the Northern Berkshires, to open a Fine Arts and Craft Gallery and Studio called 'The Backside Gallery' on Water St. 

In 1987 I moved to Brattleboro Vermont and opened a small retail shop on Main St. in the Wilder Building called 'Midnight Visions' and had two large studio rooms where I continued to make fine art and crafts professionally. 

 At this time my focus from teaching Art in High Schools had shifted to making and selling my own art and running a busy retail store, although I continued to teach a variety of classes and workshops privately and through community venues. 

 While attending ' The Museum School',  one of my main areas of interest was  learning traditional leaded stained glass window techniques.  This background gave me the wonderful opportunity to teach students enrolled in the Putney School 'Summer Arts Program'  in Putney Vermont.

 In 2000 I opened my second retail shop in Brattleboro, which is my current venue, 'Silver Moon Adornments' located at 29 High St.

Feng Shui

Several years later in 2003, I discovered The Art and Science of Feng Shui and my love for the visual arts evolved into a passion for creating  and designing healthy balanced environments. 

I enrolled in 'The Wind & Water School of Feng Shui' and studied with Internationally renowned Feng Shui Teacher and Consultant, (as well as a direct student of Professor Lin Yun the Honorable Grandmaster of the Black Hat Sect of Bagua School Feng Shui), Carol Hyder.

I soon recognized the exciting potential of bringing a variety of components together in the form of color,shape, material, objects, the 5 Element System of Chinese Medicine, symbolism, interior design principles, nature,and most important; the life force energy of Chi. I had discovered something that would not only be life-changing for myself but for my clients and students as well! This was a perfect match for me because it is a life-long study and has so many branches there will always be something new to learn (and to teach!)

Each Client that I work with as a consultant, is unique and no two situations are ever the same. The entire business, office, home or yard becomes the creative expression and palate for potential, possibility and positive change! 


I am dedicated to bringing Feng Shui studies to students of every economic background  by encouraging  eligible Vermont residents to apply for  V.S.A.C. non - degree Grants. Sometimes it is those of us who are struggling the most with everyday financial concerns or working jobs that are unsatisfying with low pay in uninspired surroundings, who could benefit from Feng Shui the most! 

For those who may be comfortable financially but struggle with other personal concerns such as unexpected changes, health concerns, lack of inspiration, children and family issues, or relationship problems, Feng Shui may be just what they need to enhance the chi or life force energy of their lives and bring revitalized out-look and positive results to challenging situations!

Participation of the graduated students in the 9 Red envelope 'Token' appointment program,makes it possible for clients to access traditional Feng Shui information and consultations at no financial expense.

The 'Feng Shui Community Service Program' connects organizations with Volunteer Feng Shui groups, so that we may enhance the Balance and Well-being of our Communities as a whole, not just individual residences and businesses.

Teaching Feng Shui since 2005

Patti Newton Is a High Honors graduate from 'The Wind & Water' School of Feng Shui, and propfessional member of the International Feng Shui Guild

She is a Licenced Feng Shui Consultant by the Minnesota State Board of Higher Education.


V.S.A.C. Grants

If you’re applying for a VSAC non-degree grant make sure your name is on the registration list to hold your place until your award is determined! ​

V.S.A.C. Grants                       (Vermont Student Assistant Corp.)          


 (Covers all Tuition& workbook fees)            

To eligible Vermont Residents                                   

Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity! 

Next Certification Course will be offered Fall 2020

Funding is available June 1st for each Academic Year

This includes the Feng Shui Certificate Program LEVEL 1,2,3   and 

The 'Feng Shui Business & Idea Development Class'

Apply online OR Pick up a paper application inside 

Silver Moon School of Feng Shui 29 High St. Brattleboro, VT.

Limit 2 courses per term

Refer to Level 3 as one class!


 V.S.A.C non-degree GRANTS are available for all 3 Levels of the Feng Shui Certificate Program also including the

 'Feng Shui Business and Idea Development' Class

Applications are available June 1 prior to the Fall when Classes begin

Register for all Levels you are interested in taking at the same time!

Graduate Students

2018 - 2019

2018 - 2019

2018 - 2019


Karen Sorensen, Erika Klemperer, 

Tyler Austin, Irena Rado, Crystal Stillman,

Grace Hedderman, 

And Honorary Students of Feng Shui:

Lindsey Knoepful,Marianne Carroll, 

Lily Patterson, Mark Greenstone,

 Lyndsey Boss

2016- 2017

2018 - 2019

2018 - 2019


 Molly Steinmark

Nancy Crompton

​Kelly Therieau

Diana Hamilton

Ayars Hemphill

2014 -2015

2018 - 2019

2014 -2015


 left back: Olga Peters, Julie Easton

left front: Jane Katz, Suzanne Henderson, Lena Robinson, Lynn Forrest, Kara McBurney


2012 - 2013

2014 -2015


 left to Right

Rebecca Whitney, Jane Katz, Jeanne McCliment, Patti Sparks

2012 - 2013

2012 - 2013

2012 - 2013


left to right

Lynn Forrest, Marjorie Merena, Elissa Bhanti, Helen Merena, Aida Avery


2012 - 2013

2012 - 2013


Top left to right: Olga Peters, Mel Hastings

Middle left to right: Jodi Upham, Jiyl Barrows

Bottom left to right: Leslie Lassetter, Krista JarosakC


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2009 - 2010


front row left to right:

Jiyl Barrows, Vale Burns, Serena Jenkins

​back row left to right:

Maribeth Cornell, Linda Quay, Leslie Lassetter, instructor- Patti Newton.

2009 - 2010

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2009 - 2010


left to right: 

Erin Engelhard, instructor-Patti Newton, Linda Romano, Julia Volodina

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