The Wheel of Fortune

A Spinning Oracle


The Wheel of Fortune

Is a spinning Oracle that can be used for immediate

Insight, Clarity, Wisdom and Guidance.

Clear your mind

Ask a question

Contemplate a situation or challenge

Think of something unresolved

Consider what may be hidden

The Spinning oracle

Is appropriate when:  You don’t have time for a longer reading


The Wheel of Fortune

Is a private experience between 

you and the Oracle.

Instructions will be provided before you spin the wheel:

1. The red envelope tradition

2. How to spin the Wheel

3. Chart of interpretations

The Wheel of Fortune is appropriate for all ages and is intended to create

A positive, supportive, approach to guidance.

Wonderful for Small groups, Private Parties

Families and Friends!  

The Wheel of Fortune

Is Handcrafted by

Patti Newton

With special thanks to Andy Adams for Technical support and mechanical co- construction!

Featuring 'Madam Endora’s Fortune cards'

“This spinning oracle was inspired in the spring of 2017 year while I was immersed in the process of designing and creating my original Tarot decks and books which will be published in the near future.

It has been a journey that has taken place over the last 12 years. I’m very excited to share them with you!”  

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Seek immediate counsel

Or when you need need completely objective Guidance

1 spin (1 question)........ $2.00

3 spins ( 3 questions .... $5.00

(per person)