Feng shui

What is Feng Shui?


Feng Shui is the Ancient Art and Science of Creating balanced, healthy environments that support the Well-being of the Occupants by reducing or eliminating harmful or diminishing effects of the architectural structure of the building or other sources of negative Chi. (energy) 

Do You:

Want your environments to be Healthy, Balanced, and Beautiful?

  • Love Spaces and the Creative possibilities of Color, design and placement of Objects?
  • Want to discover ways to enhance the 9 Essential Life Areas of your life                           

Work, Relationship, Family, Wealth, Health, Support, Knowledge and Self Image?

  • Need to develop a more positive outlook? 

                       "Where Intention goes energy Flows"

Bagua School Feng Shui 

utilizes the Feng Shui Energetic Bagua Map

The 'map' is a energetic blueprint that when laid over your home or office tells you what each section of your place represents. 

By placing furniture and objects in their optimal positions, that area of your life will be enhanced. 

If you are having trouble in a particular area of your life, see where it falls in your home according to the Bagua and clean up that part of your home. Then according to Feng Shui, that area of your life will then change and improve.

 5 Element Study

Bringing nature into our homes is a key component of the teachings of Feng Shui. The goal is to have the expression of all of the five element  balanced in every room of of our living space and to create an overall harmonious theme that unifies the home and at the same time expresses the personal style of the occupants.The elements have representative Colors, Shapes, and Materials For example:
Water  -Turquoise, Black, purple, Wavy, Spiral, Mirrors, glass
Wood - Plants, trees, flowers, green, pillars, wood floors and furniture, books
Fire - Red, Bright orange, yellow Triangles, Bold Patterns
Earth - Brown, stone, brick, ceramic tile, Heavy objects
Metal - Silver, shiny gold, white, Grey, pastels, hard, reflective, Round

I also introduce considerations of:

Yin & Yang

The Study of Chi - Personal, Earthly, Universal

Traditional Feng Shui' Adjustments' or 'cures'

Form School Feng Shui

                      Chi of the Land/ Water Dragons/ 4 Celestial Animals

     Earth energy, Geopathic Stress and Land Forms for building siting

Each consultation is unique and custom designed for each client depending on their intentions.


Feng Shui consultations

Services Offered

On-site or distance evaluations of your home or Business.

Feng Shui Consultations 

        Residential, Office, Business, Landscape

​Selling Real Estate with Feng Shui Considerations

​         Dowsing for Geopathic Stress 

Stop by to pick up a brochure and Client Information sheet 

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Patti Newton

You can Schedule a Feng Shui Consultation 3 ways:

1. In person at Silver Moon Adornments’ Consultation Office where we can review Floor Plans and site information 

2. On-site consultation and evaluation 

3. On-line correspondence and phone discussion and/or written analysis/summary of your situation

Cost:              30 min - $45  

                         45 min - $60

                        (In store consultation only)

On site or in store:

                     60 min - $90

                     90 min - $153

                     3 hours - $225     


Travel Time: $5.00 per 5 minute increments 

No Fee for Travel time within 10 min of Downtown Brattleboro                                                                          

  Pay with: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, check or cash

Other Services:

Feng Shui Practitioner  Referrals

Red Envelope "Token' Feng Shui consultations by Graduated Students.  Fees are not charged instead '9 Tokens' are offered to the practitioner so they main gain on-site experience after graduating from their Certificate Program.

​Students who graduate the Silver Moon School of Feng Shui Certificate Program are asked to complete 9 ‘Token’ consultations before charging fees for their Feng Shui services. This gives them valuable field experience after they  have completed their studies, and an opportunity to gain skills not available in the classroom. This program also makes it possible to bring Feng Shui to those who may not be in the ​position to pay monetary fees for services. It is part of the Silver Moon School of Feng Shui philosophy to share Feng Shui information, (as much as protocols will allow), with persons from all economic backgrounds. ​It also gives potential clients who could afford to pay for services an opportunity to work with newly graduated students and support them in their development and application of their skills.

Healthy flow of 'Chi'

It is vital to have a good Flow 

of Life Force Energy in your home, work space and yard.

Feng Shui offers many simple yet powerful ways to improve this energy flow! We begin by addressing diminishing Chi (energy) before we enhance!

Feng Shui Articles By Patti Newton


'Feng Shui and the Art of Allowing'

 Many think of Feng Shui as simply the practice of moving furniture and clearing clutter. While this is certainly true, it is important to remind ourselves of why we are moving the furniture in the first place. The ancient Chinese art of placement is a complex, profound study that encourages one to live mindfully, or consciously in regards to how our environment is affecting us – our personal, emotional and mental health.

In Feng Shui practice we place objects in such a way as to ‘allow’ the Chi (or energy) to flow smoothly  This concept of “allowing” implies we are welcoming or encouraging the energy to move in a certain pattern or at a particular speed. When things are piled up in cluttered masses and closets are stuffed full to over-flowing, there is little room to ‘allow’ the ‘Chi’ to flow. A common side-effect according to Feng Shui theory is energy becomes stuck, depleted, or non-existent. How interesting, that people who live with this style of home decorating often feel ‘stuck’ in some way or exhibit a lack of physical energy, or personal motivation. It may serve us well to ask what else are we not ‘allowing’ into our lives. Joy? Prosperity? Good health?

‘Allowing’suggests a power to accomplish something and a result occurs. This movement is energy in motion and is what makes change possible. When we resist change or consciously do not initiate it, we do not ‘allow’energy to move. Strangely enough, change seems to happen whether we want it to or not. But when we initiate change we become participants, we become involved in events or opportunities that are available to us to create interesting satisfying lives.

When we practice ‘allowing’ we must be sure what we ‘allow’ is not abusive or detrimental to our well-being, that we are not being mistreated or being taken advantage of. Determining this difference is part of what it is to be human.

‘Allowing’ourselves to bring more energy into our lives, more people, opportunities, or experiences is practicing trust. Trust in others, ourselves and the unfolding of our life process. Developing a healthy sense of trust may be challenging if we have felt compromised in the past. It is never too late to develop a new perspective of what we will ‘allow’ be part of our life experience

‘Allowing’can be a method of control or it can be an ultimate freedom. When we need others to conform to rigid personal standards, we are attempting to control energies outside ourselves. The result is usually one of anger, frustration, resentment or sorrow when we don’t have things go our way. 

As we strive to create more harmony, balance and peace in our hearts and minds, ask yourself:

What have I not given myself permission to say or do? 

What fear or worry has prevented me from ‘allowing’myself to enjoy or participate in life itself? 

What past events or challenging experiences have I not laid to rest or come to terms with? 

How much energy do I expend trying to get others to meet my expectations?.

Feng Shui is the art and science of welcoming and inviting more energy and Chi into our lives. When we clear clutter, get rid of unused or unwanted belongings or thought patterns we open a path for something new to come in. We open a path that ‘allows’ more Chi into our lives and in doing so create the opportunity for positive change, and personal growth. 

Feng Shui Your World! #1 ‘How Our Surroundings Affect Us and Why’

  What if each time you felt despondent, depressed or discouraged, you knew of time proven, pro-active techniques that were developed to lift your spirits, address your personal issues, give you more energy and allow you to find the courage and motivation to create a life that was more personally rewarding, productive and healthy?

Feng Shui, ‘The Ancient Chinese Art of Placement’ can offer these interesting and practical activities. No house is too big, no apartment too small, no home is too cramped, ugly, neglected or beautiful, to benefit from these interior and exterior design principles. Everyone can benefit from applying this ancient art form to our homes, business’, work spaces, or gardens.

Feng Shui is the study of how we place objects, furnishings and architectural features, to create pathways for the most beneficial Chi (energy) to flow through, This practice encourages us to become involved in making changes and enhancements to create optimum surroundings utilizing color, elements, objects and space clearing techniques.

Imagine knowing how to make decisions about your surroundings that are clear and supportive of your best interests, and be able to develop the insight and ability to choose the possessions and people who bring the most joy and ease into your life instead of draining your energy, attempting to distract you from your true life’s goals. 

You can learn to manage clutter in whatever form it takes and relieve yourself of disorder, chaos, and conflict.

The world around us and the objects and people within in, all exude energy. This energy can affect us in ways that allow us to feel supported emotionally and physically, or helpless depleted, and ill. Imagine a home that becomes a personal sanctuary, a space that holds your sacred objects and allows you the safety and peace of mind and comfort to think, plan, and dream.

Feng Shui principles can be applied to the main life areas, Wealth, Health, Career, Fame and Reputation, Helpful People, Family, Children/ Creativity, Relationship or Knowledge.

Feng Shui can be a powerful force in shaping our lives. As we become more aware of our surroundings and actually begin to change the factors with which we feel uncomfortable, we begin to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our part in the bigger picture. The philosophy of Feng Shui is embraced by people who are aware of the impact their surroundings have on them and who feel a need to take action to improve their lives.

The practice of Feng Shui offers pro- active tasks within the more mundane aspects of life to create self-empowerment and achieve the balance most of us desire within ourselves, in our homes and in our work spaces. These tasks allow us to create not just a temporary feeling of insight or consciousness, but the ability to develop a lifestyle that we may turn to for comfort and peace of mind as we face the challenges of life. As we incorporate these activities into daily routines, they become the foundation on which we effect change.

It is my philosophy that the principles of Feng Shui may be applied each day, to become a lifestyle that allows us to alter old negative patterns and create healthy positive new ones. The shifting and enhancing of Chi in our environments will naturally increase harmony, and draw to ourselves, people and circumstances that will be of great benefit, not only to our own individual lives, but to a healthier and more balanced community and society as a whole.

It is through each one of us as unique individuals, taking personal responsibility for our actions and choices, that we will create new systems and outlooks that will heal not only ourselves and each other, but our planet as well.

Feng Shui Your World #2 - 'What is Chi?'

  Feng Shui has existed in one form or another for thousands of years. It was practiced as a means of integrating one’s earthly life with the world of Chi or spirit, to influence relationship with the environment, align with the power of the land, and improve quality of life.

Question: What is Chi and how does it affect our well being?

Anwswer: In the practice of Feng Shui, Chi is a Chinese word that has no direct translation in English. It can mean cosmic energy, life force, or breath. Chi is the invisible energy that animates all living things. Chi flows continuously: through pathways (or meridians) in your body, through your home, through the Earth, the atmosphere, and the cosmos. 

Chi is the flow of life itself, and if Chi stopped flowing you would cease to live. The flow of Chi in your environment affects every area of your life, your health, your outlook, and your decision making abilities. The flow of Chi is influenced by the interior and exterior elements of the physical environment. Colors, shapes, orientation, lighting, objects, the degree of cleanliness or clutter impact and determine your homes energy flow. 

When we think of energy, most often we think of something that is either: helpful or harmful, high or low, too much or too little, and most of us wish we had more of it. Scientists and astronomers refer to the physics of energy, how it can be measured, harnessed, and distributed. In Feng Shui practice we try to achieve similar goals. 

Energy can come from man made or natural sources. For over a centaury we have tried to control it and sell it as a commodity. Energy, and our access to it, is the right of each individual who lives on this planet, energy to warm our homes, cook our food, and light the dark. 

We refer to some sources of energy as ‘good energy’: wind power, solar power, and water power, while most types of ‘man made’ energy is thought of as ‘toxic energy’. Many of our modern convieniences contain this type of energy, cell phones, microwaves, computers. X –rays, televisions, gasoline powered vehicles etc. Although most of us suffer from a “Love/ Hate” relationship with the energy sources available to us in this modern world, we have learned to live with them despite their possible negative affect on our health.

It can be confusing when a ‘good’ source of energy in excess turns ‘bad’, The sun is our primary source of light and life, we could not exist long without it, but too much exposure can result in serious burns to our skin. Wind used to generate power is a useful alternative to nuclear energy, but the intense force of a hurricane or tornado can destroy property and human life.

The intention behind Feng Shui is to create a sense of well being through balancing the energies around us. Feng Shui suggests that energy comes from three realms of influence: Heaven, Earth, and Human. 

The Heaven Realm influences you daily through climate, atmosphere, and air quality. This energy comes from the sun, the stars and the galaxy around us. Miracles and other workings from this realm are also considered influences.

The Earth Realm includes planet Earth itself, the food that grows, the materials to provide shelter, water and the natural world around us, mountains, streams, lakes, animals, insects, and plants.

The Human Realm involves the harmony (or lack of it) with the people we surround ourselves with, human relationships and the quality of them, the actions we take, and those with whom you associate, all contribute to success in projects or relationships.

By using the power of intention and other Feng Shui Principles of directing and guiding the energy around us, we can discover effective methods to change or improve our circumstances. No life scenario is hopeless or unworkable, you can always do something to improve your situation.

Everything you do in life involves an intention and an action. The action is the physical side of the process. In Feng Shui this means some tangible activity, like moving the bed to a better location, changing a wall color, or decorating with objects that are pleasing. Intention is the invisible or spiritual side of Feng Shui. Intention is why you move the bed, what life change you hope to accomplish when you make this adjustment.

Feng Shui teaches us to position furniture, choose objects mindfully, direct a positive flow of energy, increase Chi when it is low or depleted, or slow Chi down when it is moving too fast to be beneficial.

 A familiar type of energy all around us is electricity. Most of us take it for granted, expect it to be there and become irritated when it’s not, yet don’t fully understand how it gets to our homes or how it’s produced. However, just because we don’t fully understand it, doesn’t mean we can’t accesses it and use it for our benefit. The same is true for Chi. We may not be able to see it, or fully understand it, but it is there for us to harness and cultivate for beneficial purposes. This energy courses through our bodies, moves us through our emotions, and ignites our thoughts, creations and dreams.

Each one of us holds this life force energy. What we create or destroy with it is up to each one of us. We all hold the potential to lead creative rewarding lives. Not all of us have been taught or encouraged to acknowledge this creative life force energy within us. We all are artists when it comes to expressing ourselves through the work we do, the quality of relationships we have, and the homes and work spaces we surround ourselves with. We have been taught to make serious compromises in all of these areas and have lost faith in our ability to be creative individuals. It is not just through a painting or a drawing or a sculpture that we can express our ability to create, but within the gardens we plant, the colors we surround ourselves with, the music we make, the children we raise, the relationships we share, and the homes that we decorate.

Look around within your personal landscape and see what you have created that is uplifting your chi, or how you have made compromises that may be injuring your life force energy. 

Feng Shui Your World #3 -'Home as Sanctuary'

  Imagine a home that becomes a personal sanctuary, a space that holds your sacred objects and allows you the safety and peace of mind and comfort to think, plan, and dream. Imagine many homes within a neighborhood, filled with occupants that practice Feng Shui and take pride in how their homes appear. What if those enhancements could uplift a person’s outlook just by walking past? What if they felt inspired enough to go home and create beauty and order in their yard, by their front entrances, and inside their houses…..

Imagine many neighborhoods throughout a community, designed with conscious intention, blending together to create a continuous feeling of harmony and well-being.

Imagine communities throughout an entire state practicing Feng Shui principles, up-lifting the citizens not only emotionally, but economically as well.

What if each time you felt despondent, depressed or discouraged you knew of time proven pro-active techniques that were developed to lift your spirits, address your personal issues, give you more energy, and allow you to find the courage and motivation to create a life that was more personally rewarding, productive and healthy? 

Imagine knowing how to make decisions that are clear and supportive of your best interests and develop the insight and ability to choose the possessions and people who bring the most joy and ease into your life instead of draining your energy, attempting to distract you from your true life’s goals and projects? You can learn to manage clutter in whatever from it takes and relieve yourself of disorder, chaos, and conflict.

The study of Feng Shui, the Ancient Chinese Art of Placement can offer these interesting yet practical concepts. Feng Shui can be described as “ Walking the Mystical Path with Practical Feet”

No house is too big or Apartment too small, no home is too cramped, ugly, neglected or beautiful, to benefit from these Interior, and Exterior design principles. All can benefit from applying this Ancient Art form to our homes, business’, work spaces, or gardens.

Feng Shui can be applied to any of the main life areas, Wealth, Health, Career, Fame and Reputation, Helpful People, Family, Children and Creativity, Relationship or knowledge. It may be used as a tool to help choose creative color combinations and placement of furniture, in order to receive the most optimum amount of Chi (or life force energy). By applying the colors, symbols, and materials associated with Chinese Five element theory, combined with Ming Gua numbers, you can personalize your space by identifying the most auspicious directions of Front Door or Bed Placement. Lay the Bagua map over your living space or office, and find out if you occupy your command positions… or who does!

 Using Nature as our guide we will begin a journey of discovery and inspiration that is as individual and unique as you are!

'The Feng Shui of Peace'

  Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement for the optimum flow of energy in our homes, workplaces and gardens promoting health, prosperity and Peace.


1. Peace is the concept of harmonious well-being and freedom from hostile aggression. Wikipedia

2. A state of tranquility or quiet: such as freedom from disquieting or oppressive   thoughts or—J. H. Newman harmony in personal relations


Words like Harmony, Balance, and Tranquility have often been associated with the practice of Feng Shui. These ancient words translate into ‘Wind’ and ‘Water’. In Feng Shui practice they represent the movement and flow of energy, within us and our environments. ‘Stagnant’, ‘blocked’, or ‘diminishing’ ‘Chi’ is what we address first, before seeking to enhance by adding color, mirrors, wind chimes or other balancing features. We may apply these harmonizing techniques to our entire home, one room, an office, business, or even our yards and garden areas to create uplifting living, working, and educational environments. 

Right now, take a moment; close your eyes and imagine the sound of a gently babbling brook or the gentle rolling waves of the ocean accompanied by the soft rhythmic sound of wind chimes tinkling in the breeze. Ahh… so relaxing!

The Inspiration of Feng Shui comes from nature, through the placement of intentional color, materials, shapes, and elements. It is a branch of Chinese Medicine, suggesting the quality of our environments contribute greatly to our overall health and well being. As many of us know by now, stress may cause imbalances in our systems and generate an overall feeling of tension and disturbance that may lead to physical symptoms and illness. How can we experience true ‘Peace’ within ourselves when we are preoccupied by worry, fear, anxiety and pain?

What aspect of being human inspires us to seek conditions of ‘Peacefulness’? What generates the opposite result? Who would stubbornly refuse to uplift our surroundings and environments where we sleep, eat, restore, interact with each other, work or learn, and cultivate atmospheres of disharmony, Imbalance, and Conflict? 

The duality of these concepts have been argued for as long as human history has been recorded – those who create conflict; those who want to resolve it. Often we think further than our own sphere of influence – striving for ‘World Peace’, but what about the potential of ‘Peace’ that could exist within each of us as individuals; in our relationships, neighborhoods, and communities? What if we were to begin with addressing and reducing the amount of inner turmoil and conflict that we carry with us day in and day out, year after year?

Feng Shui practice involves both the physical and the metaphysical. We have a direct relationship with the physical world around us; the ability to clean, clear, sort, discard, and decide what will enhance our lives and what no longer does. We also learn to become aware of the unseen energy that comes from what we surround ourselves with on a daily basis; furniture, objects, or what images are on the walls. 

‘Peace’ may come when we realize that we gain serenity from”Accepting the things we cannot change, the courage to change what we can, and the wisdom to know the difference’.

When we actively participate in changing the things we can in ourselves, our outlooks and attitudes, as well as within our physical environments, we can witness the beauty and alignment of positive intention that will be the result. Remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes! Sometimes just a small movement in an intentional direction can create a shift. Cleaning out the closet in the ‘Wealth’’ area of the house, or organizing the pantry – a task long overdue, in a ‘Partnership’ area can bring clarity and insights that we hadn’t expected to find!

Each aspect of life is a microcosm for something bigger. When we begin with creating ‘Sanctuaries’ we may be able to restore, re-energize and create a more positive outlook in general.

Take a Feng Shui journey and plant your own seeds of possibilities! Remember a state of ‘Peace’ begins within each of us as Individuals, How we cope with life’s stresses and the challenges it brings as individuals will make all the difference of how we move forward as a more Conscious Collective Humanity! 


Feng Shui Community service projects

Additional Information

 It is part of the Philosophy of Silver Moon Feng Shui to bring the awareness and 

benefits of Feng Shui Practice to our Communities as well as individual residences, 

Offices and business.  

Eligible candidates may qualify for a ‘Red Envelope ‘Token’ appointment in which 9 

‘Tokens’ are given as payment instead of monetary compensation.Feng Shui 

Community Service Project Groups are formed on a volunteer basis from the

graduated students/ practitioners of the‘Silver Moon School of Feng Shui’. This is an opportunity for us to work together in a small group format and to take on projects that give us a variety of ‘field’ experiences. 

Initial eligibility criteria are:

1. The person giving permission for us to follow up with a consultation must have the authority to do so i.e.: Director, owner,Teacher of the classroom, Principle of the school etc. NOTE: Every request is taken into consideration so if initially someone else besides the person listed above makes the inquiry we will be happy to discuss the possibilities!

​2. The organization or Business may not exist solely for individual or private profit, it must service the community with a more diverse or expanded vision or intention.

Learn More


If you are part of a Community service group or business organization that could benefit from a group Feng Shui project  and consultation 

you may submit a letter of interest to:Patti Newton at or 

send it by mail to P.O. Box 1125 Brattleboro, VT 05302