My Original Tarot & Oracle Decks

The Gate Keeper Tarot


Available 2020 TBA

Open the Gate and step into the Magical World of 'The Gate Keeper Tarot'

what lies beyond the Gate is your imagination and your Destiny! Participate in the shift of Consciousness

 that is possible for all of us! 

Will you travel the 'High Road' or the 'Low Road' of the ancient principles of the Tarot?

Each card represents a profound and deep understanding of our human experience within our greater 'Soul Journey' Each card is a Key to your personal self-development; we ask ourselves profound questions and discover answers from the shadow aspects of our sub-consciousness so that we may benefit from these healing insights.

The Gate Keeper Tarot is a fusion of Nature's beauty and the creative human spirit on planet Earth.

 It was was inspired from the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, 5 Element theory, and the tradition of Spiritual Tarot. The deck is the integration of YIn and Yang: the Feminine and the Masculine principles. It's vibrant colors, simplicity of design and easy to understand representations of the Major Arcana will appeal to Tarot students and readers of every level.

In times of uncertainty, turmoil and darkness, humanity has always needed tools of 'enlightenment' to cast light into the shadows, to be able to see clearly, and to illuminate our path as we journey through the human experience.

 We all need to be reminded of the beauty and magic life has to offer. The images in this light infused 78 card deck are original photographs that contain sacred objects created in the physical realm, fused with rich symbolism and interpretations of the traditional roots of Tarot. 

It symbolizes the journey we all take from childhood to maturity and the development of our personalities and consciousness along the way.

Patti Newton


I came into this world as a visual artist.

As early as I have memories, I drew the world around me, as if by doing so I could understand the shapes, color, and patterns that were part of my life a little more deeply, and a little more intimately by knowing their forms. It was what made life magical... 

After High School I attended Community College in Huntington Beach California where I earned an Associates Degree in Graphic Design. Back then there were no computers so we learned to do everything by hand. Graphic Design was considered commercial Art although you hand to render and paint everything without the tools of technology that we have available to us today. Cameras we not digital yet. You put film in the back of the Camera and developed it yourself in a darkroom if you had one or sent the roll of film out for development. It was a much slower process without being able to see the results until some time later. I loved photography and at the Museum School in Boston I learned to develop my own photos falling in love with Black and white photography. It had an 'Other Worldly look to it, old fashioned and 'shadowy'. Photography was always a part of my life and I've realized recently that it has been a part of my ancestry as well. We have family photos that we taken back at the turn of the century of my grandmother and her parents in Sweden and a visual timeline that has continued ever since! I never thought much about it because it was just the way we documented life but I've come to realize that was not very common. Really... who had cameras back then?

As a result I have albums and albums full of beautiful old photographs that have been in our family for  over 100 years. and I have kept up the tradition, as the 'Keeper of the photographs'.... Yes I actually get hard copies printed from my phone and my digital camera!

Photographs are moments in time that are captured for our continual review, moments of our life preserved - kept still - in the continuous movement of time. Like Tarot cards, we get to pause and contemplate the stories they contain within the images and what we can learn by looking at them!

The Dreamland Circus Tarot


Available 2020 TBA

'Ladies & Gentlemen!

Welcome to your Greatest Dream


Your Worst Nightmare!'

Unveil the 'Midway Mystery'

100 card deck

44 Cards

22 Major Arcana cards of

'Higher Consciousness' 

22 Major Arcana cards of 

'Shadow' or reversed aspects

Understand the journey 

of your Soul more deeply!

56 cards of the Minor Arcana

Navigating the human condition:

 The Mind, The Emotions, The Physical Realm and our Spirit or Chi

A photographic Fusion 

of the Past and the Present

This is not an ordinary Tarot Deck...

 It is not a typical theme deck depicting Amusement Parks, Circuses, and Carnivals...

Some of the images will uplift you... Some will take you away from your comfort zone...

The Dreamland Circus Tarot deck is a combination of beautiful vintage photographs from the 1800's/ early 1900's, and my own original photographs taken at a contemporary amusement park, 'Six Flags New England' in 2015, originally known as 'Gallup's Cove' 1840.

My intention was to create a deck that would allow one to study and read with the Major Arcana more deeply. Most decks offer only one image to represent each of the 22 cards and we use our imagination or knowledge of 'reverse' cards to understand the opposite or 'shadow' aspect 'Dreamland Circus Tarot' gives equal emphasis to both 

'shadow' and 'light'.

Inspired by 'Dreamland'' 1900-1910, 

Luna Park' 1903 - 1944

Coney Island (where I went as a child and a teenager), 

'The Five People you meet in Heaven' movie and book by Mitch Albom, 

'The Museum of Extraordinary Things' by Alice Hoffman,

The Night Circus by Erin Morganstern 

and every carousel I've ever ridden...

My First Beautiful Oracle Deck!


Available this Fall 2019!

Name and design to TBA

The Gate Keeper Tarot Book

Full book for the 78 cards of the Gate Keeper Tarot

Complete book for the 78 Card Deck

Available early 2021

The Dreamland Circus Tarot Books


Two Book set

One for the 44 Cards of the Major Arcana

and one for the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana

Available early 2021