Tarot Readings

9 Life Area Tarot Reading





Assess your personal strengths and challenges

Make clear decisions regarding your Life's journey




Fame and Reputation




Children/ Creativity

Helpful People


This reading is a combination of 

Bagua School Feng Shui Philosophies and 

Zen Tarot teachings.

I consider the '9 Life Area' my 'Standard' Reading excellent for  exploring specific situations, questions, clarifying the present, clearing up past influences and designing the Future possibilities!

1 hour     $60

90 min       $90

Patti Newton


I have studied the Tarot since 1973 as a tool for personal insight, transformation, and a guide for making creative decisions.

Learning to make rational, educated decisions combined with a practical application of intuition is what leads to personal success and self-empowerment in the 

game of life.

The human experience may present challenges on many levels that may lead to discouragement, confusion, or depression. These feelings can inhibit and even shut down our creative process. 

Discovering life areas that may hold stagnant or negative energy may allow us to release and transmute it into an experience of forward movement and a more rewarding life experience!

Patti is a Certified Life Coach

and a Vermont 

Rostered Psychotherapist

12 Month Medicine Wheel Reading



A Medicine Wheel

Is a symbol of the cycles of life

And the turning of the seasons.

  Gain Insight to the year ahead.

 Be well prepared to make decisions, refine intentions, reach goals and develop a plan of how you may best use your time and energy.

The cards of the Major Arcana offer us a view of the bigger picture, our personal growth, old patterns and our individual Soul Journey. The cards of the Minor Arcana remind us we all can benefit from some practical guidance to manage the mind, the emotions, actions and finances to achieve  Success, Happiness & Well being!   

For this Reading I use two decks

The Osho Zen as

‘The Insight’ cards

Denise Linn’s 

Soul Coaching Cards as

‘The Inspiration’ cards

  Start anytime…

Regardless of where you find yourself in the turning wheel

Of life!

$90     1.5 hours

$120        2 Hrs

12 month reference Worksheet included an essential

Navigational Tool for awareness

3 Card Spiritual Counseling



1. The Blockage

The Insight Card Revels 

How you are blocked Stuck, 

Or inhibited In regards to 

Moving forward


Seeing things clearly


2. The Healing

The Healing card


The opening 

Or possibilities 

That may arise 

From understanding 

In what way you are blocked

And your willingness 

To shift the energy


3. The Outcome

The Outcome card

Reveals the potential of the situation and the result 

If you allow the energy to shift

and consciously 

overcome the Blockage,

experience the healing, 

and embrace the possibilities! 


30 min Reading cost: $30

  45 min reading cost: $45

The 3 card Reading is actually 6 cards total

Three Insight Cards


Three Inspiration Cards

Messages from Your Spirit Guides Oracle Reading


  5 Oracle Decks

In one Reading

1. The Gateway Oracle 

2. Archangels of Atlantis

3. Eco Heart Oracle

4. Vibrational Energy Oracle

5. Creator Cards

  A  deeply profound 

Five Card Reading

· Gain insight and guidance

· Understand your Soul purpose, life lessons or ‘tasks’

· Move forward with more clarity   

One of the ways you can receive insight and  awareness is through your spirit guardians. In this spread it will be as if they’ve come together in a great council for your benefit.

Using this method you’ll find guidance not only from the individual Oracle's words, but also the pictures and symbols themselves have the power to spark immense intuitive guidance and inspiration.  

Ask your question or present your life situation and then receive the blessings of all your celestial helpers and know that they are all present while you are doing this reading!

 Spirit Guides:  

1.  Your Higher Self

  2.  The Angels 

  3.  The divine Earth Mother and your animal,  and plant allies.

  4. Your Master Guide and Past life guardians. 

  5. Your ancestors, the ones who are connected to you through your heritage


90 min………..$90

2 hrs ………. $120

Sacred Sanctuary





Our beautiful Reading room offers all the benefits of a Sacred Sanctuary: Privacy, a quiet environment and an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Gently lit with Salt Lamps and inspiring decor, it will allow you to relax and take the time needed  to explore this journey of introspection.

When I am with a client I close the retail part of the shop to ensure my full focus on each reading and so as not to be disturbed.

Many use these styles of readings to enhance other therapeutic work or personal growth studies. Some Life issues and inquiries may be addressed with a single session but other more complex situations may require a series of readings while navigating the challenging times of our lives.

Complete confidentiality is practiced and honored 

for every client

Phone readings also available 

Walk-ins when possible

by appointment preferred

(802) 254-9600

atti silvermoona@ymail.comP